Disrupt or get disrupted!

I consult for organizations on the ever changing landscape of 3D digital transformation in manufacturing. My goal is to ensure how to successfully implement change management on radical transformations. Creativity is the tool, 3D technologies are my expertise and connecting the digital dots for my clients is my why. For some companies the end result may be a new department, for others a fresh design for existing or new 3D printers. Some just want to tap into my content and application library and some challenges can be fixed with a call. Below are a few examples of the work I have done. Are you ready to talk? Click on services and schedule a 15 min call with me and let’s talk 3D!


go to market strategies

Creating and integrating new 3D products and technologies in strategic corporate road maps.

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value and brand creation

Implementing change management in 3D tech organizations through brand and design thinking.

Iconic content

Pushing the envelope of 3D technologies and creating ground breaking content ahead of its time.


industry disruption

Helping companies stay on the pulse of innovation instead of falling in the pitfalls of being disrupted.


new technology creation

Analyzing new markets and helping companies create new 3D technologies for existing markets headed for growth.