pioneering the 3D printing world for over two decades!

With his revolutionary work in 3D printing design as well as creating and implementing forward thinking solutions to maximize the growth of the 3D industry across a variety of businesses, Janne is known as the “3D Guy”. 


Janne’s designs have been featured in TIME Magazine’s ‘Design 100’, the people and ideas behind the world’s most influential design. And his work has been extensively exhibited and integrated into permanent design collections at leading galleries and museums around the world including MOMA, FIT, MAD and the Vitra Design Museum.

In 2016, Janne co-founded ‘What the Future Venture Capital’ (WTFVC), a different type of VC focused on designing 3D tech startups at the speed of designing new products. More info about WTFVC and our mission can be found here.


Janne is on a mission to empower others to leverage 3D printing through creative and innovative ways in order
to augment manufacturing industries.

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3d projects and accomplishments

  • Inventor of 3DTI - the first ever manufacturing technology which integrates 3D printing for mass customization

  • First 3D printed work to be acquired by MOMA and countless other museums

  • Creator of the most time-consuming 3D printed work ever created

  • First to use natural cell type structures which became inspiration for today’s generative design for 3D printing

  • Became fascinated by augmented reality in the 1990s - this exploration of amalgamating augmented reality and 3D printing, laid the foundation for Freedom of Creation, Kyttanen's pioneering creative design agency

  • Created the world's first fully functional 3D printed dress in 2000

  • First designer to commercialize high volume 3D printed products including creating the world's first 3D printed lights, footwear, consumer electronics, furniture and countless others

  • Award-winning collaborations with brands including Hyundai, Asics, Nivea, NIKE, Philips, L'Oreal and more

  • Sold his company, Freedom of Creation, to 3D Systems and acted as Creative Director from 2011-2016

  • Designed multiple award winning 3D printers including the Cube ® - a printer which has won a multitude of awards including the American Technology Award (ATA) for outstanding achievement in Technology Manufacturing and Japan's prestigious Good Design Award in 2013