• Sedona Table, 2014

    The infamous red rocks of Sedona are a well-known location for spiritual vortexes and mark the birthplace of the first Harmonic Convergence. The unique sandstone formations are illuminated in brilliant shades of red and orange; thousands of years of native design have created the most incredible graphic patterns. To me, this is one of Mother Nature's most brilliant creations and one of the USA’s most inspiring locations. My interpretation of the peaks and plateaus of Sedona takes a twisting turn to bridge the organic and the inorganic.
  • Onitsuka Tiger Shoe, 2008

    A 1.5m long pulsating, glowing shoe created for the Onitsuka Tigerland ad campaign. Inspired by the dense and chaotic city life in Tokyo, I had a vision to create the craziest, psychedelic 3D mash up, overflowing with intricate icons of contemporary Japan.
  • Lost luggage, 2014

    Imagine if everything we needed was scaled down to a digital file and could be reproduced at any location; how would this change our relationship to physical objects? Imagine that design is just data and products can travel through the internet as code, produced on demand at any location. What if luggage was obsolete; how would this change our perception of travel? Send your luggage in an email, travel the world unencumbered and arrive to find your luggage waiting for you at your destination. This future is already within our reach.
  • 1597, 2006

    In 2006 I spent 6 months manually vertex pulling in 3D, collecting a full crate of prototypes as I experimented, and eventually resulting in my 1597 light. Fast forward 8 years and we’ve advanced our technology significantly - we can now easily generate this kind of design through code in just minutes. This design has been integrated into the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Designs in New York.
  • 3D Selfie, 2014

    I call this my own version of the selfie, or putting a new spin on the personalized business card. Nothing and no one is static - we can quickly transform organic everyday objects into extraordinary simulacra of ourselves.
  • Lily.mgx, 2002

    Inspired by the clean and elegant lines of its namesake flower, Lily.mgx was one of the first 3D printed light designs on the market worldwide. Light emanates from each petal, creating a seductive warm glow. This innovative design is a 2005 Red Dot Design Award winner and has been exhibited at and integrated into the world’s leading design museums including the Museum of Arts and Design in NY, MoMA, Design Museo Helsinki and Hangaram Seoul.
  • Heineken Innovation Challenge, 2012

    The Heineken Innovation Challenge was the world’s first crowd sourcing campaign to create sustainable beverage packaging concepts. To kick off the challenge I spent 48 hours in an undisclosed location with just a webcam, laptop and 3D printers. The 48 hour campaign was broadcast live, showing my full creative process from ideation to production.
  • Macedonia Tray, 2010

    Macedonia was inspired by the patterns created by the formation of soap bubbles. Here the Macedonia pattern is applied to an intricate open tray, the most chic update to a typical fruit bowl. Each ‘bubble’ is the perfect size to hold an apple or orange. This design has been integrated into the permanent collection at MoMA.
  • Cube 3, 2014

    The Cube 3 for 3D Systems, the innovative new at-home 3D printer. Created by the combined talents of 3D Systems designers and engineers, the cutting edge Cube 3 is faster than previous models, has increased print resolution and brand new dual color printing capabilities.
  • Macedonia iPhone case, 2013

    Macedonia was inspired by the patterns created by the formation of soap bubbles. Here the Macedonia pattern is applied to a double-layered iPhone case. The open weave prevents the phone from overheating, while the case hugs all corners of the phone to provide protection from bumps and knocks. This design was created in collaboration with Freshfiber, the first brand worldwide to retail 3D printed smartphone cases.


Janne Kyttanen is a prolific 3D artist, designer and serial design and technology investor/entrepreneur. He is best known for his groundbreaking 3D printed art, which has been acquired since 1999 by the world’s leading museums and galleries including MOMA, The Stedelijk Museum, MAD, FIT, Holon Design Museum, Design Museum Helsinki and the Vitra Design Museum. Janne, a Finnish native, has received numerous design awards during his career including being selected as the Young Designer of the Year in 2007 by Finnish Design Forum.

Janne commenced his design studies at the Escola De Disseny, Elisave in Barcelona in 1996. He moved to the Netherlands to further his studies, graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the year 2000. In the year of his graduation Janne founded Freedom of Creation, the first design company worldwide to focus solely on creating 3D printable design content for this future consumer market. Freedom of Creation was acquired by 3D Systems in 2011, providing Janne with access to the world’s most innovative, cutting edge software, materials and technology development. Alongside his experimental 3D art work, he is the Creative Director for 3D Systems, the largest specialized 3D printing company in the world.

Janne currently resides between his two studios in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.


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Supermodels, Stedelijk Museum 2014