Sofa So Good

Sofa So Good


Sofa So Good is a full sized, fully functional lounger coated in high polish copper and chrome. The lounger measures 150 x 75 x 55 centimeters, yet weighs only 2.5 kilos and was created using just 2.5 liters of material. Sofa So Good has been 3D printed in 6000 layers, each just 0.0099 centimeters thick. The unique diamond geometry creates a super strong structure that can support a person weighing up to 100 kilos.

This groundbreaking design pushes the limits of weight reduction, an invaluable development that can be utilized for countless applications.

Janne’s exploration of optimized structures was inspired by the formation of silkworm cocoons and spider webs; how can these kinds of geometries be used to save material used in production and in building materials? If we are able to apply these principles of structure optimization to manufacturing, transport costs will be marginal, energy consumption will be significantly less – there is a whole range of benefits in our future that we can’t even fathom today. 

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