Metsidian side table

Metsidian side table


Metsidian is a dynamic work that represents a moment in time - an eruption that melds two divergent materials together. The prehistoric evolves into the futuristic as an organic volcanic obsidian form transforms into a clean, fluid metal mesh. The result is a compelling metamorphosis; the impossible becomes reality.

Metsidian traverses the boundary between sculpture and furniture, a harmonious union of otherworldly form and everyday function.

In creating Metsidian Kyttanen explores alternative methods for combining paradoxical materials. At present we’re able to use explosion welding to join materials that wouldn’t naturally fuse together – what if we could control this force digitally? What kind of hybrid matter could we create?

The Metsidian side table is available in a limited edition of 8 pieces (plus two artist proofs).

Dimensions:  45cm H x 50cm W x 50cm D

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