The Deceptor is a complete ping pong set (a full size ping pong table, two multi faceted paddles, two custom 3D printed balls) that completely reinvents the game. Created in robust stainless steel, the Deceptor facilitates outdoor play.

“There are two aspects of my life that I can't function without - sport and art. Through my pursuit of these disciplines I have learned that physical and artistic boundaries are non-existent. I was an established, professional squash player when I began my studies, ranking 49 in the world in the year 2000. My peers maintained that it would be impossible for me to mix sport with art. Rising to the challenge, I applied the discipline of a professional sportsman to honing my skills as an artist.

I decided to combine my two great passions by creating a design that completely reinvents the sport of Ping Pong, facilitating outdoor play. The faceted paddles, like stealth fighters, enable the player to execute trick shots while the custom ping pong balls fly through the air, unaffected by wind.” - Janne Kyttanen

The Deceptor is available in a limited edition of 8 pieces (plus two artist proofs).

Dimensions: 76cm H x 274cm W x 152cm D

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This table can be made in a wide spectrum of alternative custom colors and finishes. 

This design is exclusively represented by Gallery ALL - please contact for further information or to purchase. 


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