Pixsweet and 3DTI

In 2016 WTF, the VC Janne co-founded with Eduard Zanen, designed and launched their first start-up: Pixsweet.

WTFVC is a venture capital fund which works in a completely different way to traditional investment funds; the VC is passionate about designing and investing in their own ventures. They design the startups from the ground up, providing interim management, and then hire kickass CEOs to run with them in return for equity.

Pixsweet, founded in 2016, is a product of WTFVC and the first pilot to use and test patented technology the company invented, called 3DTI (3D Thermo Injection). To date, Pixsweet is a Business-to-Business solution, offering custom 3D ice pops as edible marketing magic to marketing departments and event planners all across the USA as well as Europe. A taste of our happy launching clients include: Google, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, Warner Brothers, H&M and many more! Currently, custom 3D ice pops are only offered out of the Holland facility, located near Amsterdam, supporting clients across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

3DTI was invented to revolutionize the way we imagine and experience additive manufacturing, using 3D as a tool vs. a means to an end. By designing an entirely new manufacturing process which integrates 3D printing in an innovative way we were able to turn any 2D image into a 3D ice pop in velocities never seen before on a manufacturing floor.

But this is only the beginning! 3DTI has many possibilities in a variety of applications, food and non-food. Any liquid, paste or gel type substance can be processed into 3D shapes. By merging product packaging and a product mold into one, we are streamlining consumer product manufacturing processes. We are currently looking for pilot partners who would like to innovate with us within their industry of expertise - let’s disrupt things together and talk 3D!